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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Further Barack Obama overcome Hillary Clinton

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Elite partisan majority Demokrat here vote Barack Obama compared Hillary Clinton when two candidate that start their struggle in vote to the post President.

Only 24 hour after senator young the blacks get great success to call on former party convention deep first woman in Iowa, Obama by dramatic overcome Hillary.

He receives most fidgety applause when two presidential candidate that speechmaking to dinner party collect annual fund Demokrat in Hampshire Bowl, city major pulse snowy this.

Yesterday, first opinion vote carried out here since vote Iowa gives Obama 10 percent in before whereas often Hillary leads before this.

Other vote would be issued after this comply expect Obama will overcome Hillary in the state hold presidential candidate main access that, tomorrow, report The Sunday Telegraph.

Base reaction 3,000 officer, politics and supporter member late Demokratik Friday go, Obama will once again attract success designate get front page coverage newspaper.

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