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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

'Defamation claim merely' - President prospect barack Obama

WASHINGTON – Senator Demokrat, Barack Obama volunteering to grab United States President post (US) next year, yesterday dispute claim ostensibly he ever learn in a Islamic school behave radical when children.

Obama, 46, regard the report as temporary defamation his communications director send memo via e-mail to explain real thing.

“I think design surely aware my period learn in Indonesia for two years at the age 7 and 8 year will not be harmed States national (US) from which angle even once,'' said Obama to programme Today NBC's publication.

Obama who announced desire in the running Demokrat to sit White House in the election 2008, determined to defend his reputation from the charge “absurd” as those ever undergo by Senator John Kerry until affect him to Presidential election 2004.

Meanwhile, APs interview in primary school in Jakarta that discover, it a public institution and behave secular that was opened to student

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